Hello, I'm Derek Kimball; a professional freelance graphic designer and hobbyist photographer living in Corning, NY. This site is where I showcase some of the images I've captured over the years. You'll see no jaw dropping landscapes from regions far away, themed galleries, or portraits of famous people. While I'd love to travel the world, explore things foreign to me, and invest more time and resources into photography, unfortunately that's not in the cards for me at this moment in life. Until that time comes, I'll continue shooting locally, further familiarizing myself with my camera, and hopefully develop a defined and recognizable style. 

My experience in photography began with film in high school. I wouldn't touch another camera until my late 20's when I acquired a Canon Rebel XTi, which introduced me to the digital format and rekindled my interest in the craft. A few years later I upgraded to a Canon 7D and had built a decent collection of lenses allowing me to dabble in different focal lengths. Then came the purchase of my beloved Fuji XT2, a mirrorless weather sealed camera with fast focus, better low light capabilities, quieter shooting, 4k video, external controls akin to a film body, and a more discrete appearance conducive to street photography and travel. I continue to shoot on the XT2 along with a single lens at this time (Fuji 35mm 1.4). I'm satisfied with my switch over to Fuji, though certainly miss the extensive collection of Canon lenses I'd acquired.

With my minimal gear (XT2, 35mm and tripod), the photography services I'm able to offer is limited to natural light shooting. Despite my gear limitations, I'm fully capable of providing quality photographs. If you're in need of affordable outdoor portraits or have a smaller event you'd like preserved, please contact me with the details of your project and I'll let you know if/how I can help. A couple of advantage of hiring me include: lower rates that what a professional photographer will charge, and I'm very experienced with image editing (can provide a variety of visual styles, blemish removal, color correction, add text to images for custom cards, etc). I'm also open to bartering with experienced models wanting to collaborate on creative projects to build both of our portfolios. 

If you're in need of branding design services such as logo creation, website development, print design (brochures, stationery, posters, album design, marketing materials, etc), please check out my design website to learn more. I'm an experienced designer who's worked with hundreds of businesses and entrepreneurs from all over the world. 

All site images are copyright of Derek Kimball. Please don't use without permission. 

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